Now talk about the upgrading of blow molding processing technology

2014-01-13 980

Today, mechanical control systems seem simple, but its internal logic and it includes a motion control system, human - machine interaction system, diagnosis system, and even artificial intelligence systems. Blow molding machine is the same, from the beginning of the brief purely mechanical operations, to today's automated technology gradually upgrading.
A beginning, in the packaging field by the use of first-generation packaging machinery - Dubbed Gen 1, planning is very simple, is purely mechanical. Femoral artery by a linear motor axis transformation and attack power by cam. Optional programmable controller (PLC) control system, planning is also very simple, direct control of the machine by the operator. In most cases, there is no choice of man - machine interaction techniques (HMI).
After that, the second generation of packaging machinery. This technology was born ten years ago, packaging machinery still use shaft drive, but some of the planning more messy, because the servo motors to control the speed, so you can declare the actions of some extra instruction, but also choose a more messy PLC can programmable logic controller. Indeed, the second-generation packaging machinery adjustability is very good, but the benefits they need to pay higher fees.
These costs include more lines settled, more PLC programmable logic controller input / output (I / O) devices, these devices are endless and messy, there are more sensors and process control, and even include more peripheral equipment; cleaning and disposal on the shortcomings and also more difficult.
And most of the technology, mechanical control techniques during deployment, also biographical twists and turns. It briefly historically and infinite control systems, today launched a small multi-function control systems, mechanical, motion control and communications systems in organic contact with.
Today, the third generation of packaging machinery, the integration of the so-called "mechanical electronics" concept, blow molding machine servo system and a brief selection of mechanical equipment to arrive implement messy action purposes. Policy vendors are seeking: the machine costs more sale, work faster and function is very good, small footprint, it is necessary and there are always new technology introduced also a bread and water.
The third-generation packaging machinery was born four years ago, the development focus shifted to the single-box control technology, which has a logical PLC functions and I / O devices, if required, can also be equipped with HMI technology, and even Ethernet and network communications the effectiveness of the system so that when inter-enterprise communication. In the past, the second generation of packaging machinery needs an encoder and Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) to determine the servo position. Nowadays, third generation packaging machine having reason I / O devices, a servo control system in the presence of a processor, when the servo system is in place, will attack the sensing operation, and declare signal through any one of the bus start technical processes.
According to reports, by this latest Santoprene TM rubber technology into the market, processors can help save production costs and production forward to, then they are more conducive to business expansion. Together, the rapid processing of new technology to further expand the choice of Santoprene TM thermoset rubber rubber alternative economic boundaries.
Select Santoprene TM thermoset rubber rubber substitute other benefits include ease of processing, describing adaptability, consistency and reliable components, recyclability, and efficient use of waste materials, including in the production process as well as in the number of seizures after parts Shou waste. This technique can also be used for blow molding, blow molding and extrusion molding. But most can benefit from this new technology is like a blow-shot molding process that requires a longer period of production types.
It is predicted that in the near future, blow molding processors in the processing of Santoprene TM thermoplastic rubber, through the selection of a new technology that can significantly shorten the processing cycle. Applying this technique not only can greatly reduce the production of individual parts of the rugged capital, but also forward to blowing shot molding process. By processing technology and the first to be contacted with a Santoprene TM TPE new series with a new face will soon appear, its processing speed than the usual rubber Santoprene TM Trademark 25% higher. The blow molding machine functions through improved materials also significantly reduce the cost of production plus blow-shot molding of Commerce and Industry.