Plastic caps to increase global market share

2014-01-13 838

Small caps, big business . Although the cap is small, however, its inherent opportunities is limitless . With the constant changes in consumer preferences and demand for middlemen , bottle packaging design innovation. To increase the selling points , manufacturers will be done each year in the bottle selection of articles , style and color aspects . Market participants said the cap trend changes every year , it is difficult to predict the future development trend of the market cap . " However, it is certain that cap bias in the choice of material will be more plastic ." This market participants said. In recent years, increasingly intense competition in the market cap . To stand out in the fierce competition to seize the consumer preferences are key to success. Some manufacturers said cap , visual and taste are two important factors that influence consumer choice. Therefore, they tend to add a bottle of air freshener in a luxury , it is designed to be more refined. Selection , most bottle manufacturers said they are more biased in favor of plastic . Compared with metallic materials , lightweight plastic with quality , low cost characteristics ; Compared with wood , plastic corrosion resistance, high temperature performance is more superior. Therefore, the next few years , plastic caps global market share will continue to increase. Canadean British company said that with the plastic caps continuous increase of market demand is expected in 2017 market share will drop to the metal cap of 30% or less. Previous 1 Next Attachment Downloads: ( Downloaded 0 ) Tags: