Identification of plastic bags

2014-01-13 621

Plastic bottles, clear plastic bottles, plastic beverage bottles is a synthetic polymer materials, with steel, wood, cement together constitute the four basic materials of modern industry, plays an important role in the development of the national economy . Because it has the advantages of light weight , corrosion resistance, high strength , easy processing , beautiful appearance and other properties and the production and use of energy saving and is widely used in industry and agriculture and people's daily lives. Plastic bottles, clear plastic bottles, plastic beverage bottles for farmers to increase production film made a great contribution , known as the "White Revolution" , until now still in use, it is important to agricultural production . Polystyrene foam disposable lunch boxes for its features inexpensive and hygienic Kay brings convenience to people when the city 's dining and entertainment . Around the world, polystyrene disposable lunch boxes are widely used , the use of these materials from the outset, showing strong vitality, but also a potential threat to humanity - environmental pollution.

Correctly handle the relationship between development and the environment, rational use of natural resources are urgently requested by the 21st century . Recycling of waste plastic bottles, clear plastic bottles, plastic beverage bottles , is an important way of environmental pollution and ecological use of renewable resources to solve .

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